Arena Wealth

Client relationships are built on trust with a focus on wealth protection and ethical conduct

Investment Management

A key part of our offering is the investment management services that we offer to our clients. Our investment philosophy is to manage our clients’ assets on a bespoke basis with an emphasis on capital protection and by providing a high level of client service. We combine this with a completely open and transparent approach to investment management.

  • Cash
  • Fixed Income
  • Global Equities
  • Commodities
  • Real Estate
  • Alternative Investments including Hedge Funds

Asset diversification is central to our investment philosophy and through regular review of investment performance we aim to select the best-performing fund managers in each asset class. Our investment strategies aim to manage risk for our clients and navigate constantly challenging and evolving investment markets.

  • Model portfolios reviewed quarterly
  • Making short term tactical allocations away from the models will be made on the basis of high conviction
  • Employing true absolute return strategies with low levels of equity market correlation
  • Managing risk carefully including risks derived from interest rates, currencies, counterparties and leverage
  • Continual reviewing of manager performance and allocations

Our management fees may include a performance element so that our interests are aligned with our clients and we work to ensure that both custody and dealing costs are fair and relevant.